Within the arena bounded by our identified market focus, ITP, Inc. has fashioned a new Market-Viable, Globally-Competitive approaches to the enterprise and market design for:

  • Rail, Transit, Highway, Goods-Movement and Non-Motorized-Transport Facility-Development and Planning;
  • Infrastructure-Finance Planning;
  • Community, Industrial and Commercial-Development Strategies which Incorporate Market-Viable Access Systems
  • Market-Viable, Public-Sector-Policy Frameworks Supporting Increased Economic Development, Enhanced Environmental-Residuals Management and Higher-Performance, Land-Use Planning Strategies.

ITP’s approach produces:

  • Solutions with higher returns on invested capital for the public and private sectors,
  • Increased gross domestic product and enhanced global competitiveness,
  • Higher, Operational Performance Across Modes and Affected Environmental Systems

In addressing the critical issues of infrastructure and community development, we work with our public and private-sector clients to create new value and opportunities to fund far-more Cost-Effective, Market and Environmentally-Sustainable, Profitable, Infrastructure Strategies through:

  • Incorporation of underutilized resources, new technologies
  • Vertical and horizontal economic/financial enterprise integration, and
  • Innovative land development/use policies
  • Advanced, Market-Additive, Enviromental-Residuals-Management Capabilities 

New value is THE source of infrastructure funding that drives ITP’s thinking.

And because many of these solutions are structurally focused on market-based mechanisms, the potential to draw on the largely-untapped, financial resources of the private sector is greatly enhanced. This approach brings new ways to create greater returns and shared value for public and private sectors to meet private and public and shared-value objectives

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