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Paolo Pezzotta Has Submitted a New, Market-Financeable Design for Route 422, Corridor-Mobility Development in Southeastern Pennsylvania

Reading, PA/King of Prussia, PA September, 2011 ITP, Inc. has just completed a multi-dimensioned program of mobility improvements and broader, enterprise, income-generation-capabilities to support expanded mobility and economic development for the corridor. The toll plan component of ITP’s plan does … Continue reading

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ITP, Inc. is Assisting University of Texas’ in the Development of Transportation Facility and Network, Market/Value-Based, Assessment and Design Tools

Paolo Pezzotta is supporting the University of Texas’ faculty and students in their development of a “Tool Kit” to assess transportation facility, system and network performance. Assessment paradigms support the operational,environemntal and financial design and evaluation of alternate configurations within an enterprise format. … Continue reading

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Integrated Transport Planning, Inc. Advises Deputy Mayor Cutler of Philadelphia, General Manager Casey of Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Agency and CEO Gale of Philadelphia International Airport on Funding the Initiation of AMTRAK Service Directly to Philadelphia International Airport

2/22/11, Philadelphia, PA Paul Pezzotta, President of Integrated Transport Planning, Inc. (ITP) outlined his innovative funding strategy for direct AMTRAK rail service to Philadelphia Airport. His plan proposes to utlize a portion of the $2 Billion in newly-available funds from … Continue reading

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